Dear Reader,

Does life feel like it is painful, hard, and frustrating? Do you feel tattered and beaten up on a regular basis? That feeling is almost 100% the result of living in your mind, not your heart.

Our natural state of consciousness is one of effortless movement and flow. You might just not remember that at the moment. The nature of energy  within you and me is one of expansion. Just as the energy of the Universe is.

What stops our energy cold is our JUDGMENT.  Our desire to fix or change something holds that free energy firmly in place as it is.

You ARE that powerful.

That is not heart centered living, it is head centered living.

Instead of desiring to change or fix, stop and accept whatever is happening, as fully as possible, in this moment.

Every experience we create seeks integration. The gifts of the lessons contained within creates your unique wisdom. Your wholeness. Your true and lasting connection with inner peace. Your way to serve and give back.  There truly is nothing to fix. Just be with this for a minute: THERE TRULY IS NOTHING TO FIX.

Heart centered living, on the other hand is simply this. PRACTISING DETACHED ACCEPTANCE. To look at all of your creations and be willing to embrace them. Exactly as they are. The ugly ones first. To drop into the wisdom of your heart takes simple practice.  It Takes allowing EVERYTHING just to be as it is.

Try this exercise.

Pause and bring to mind something you have been struggling with. When it is fully present, just be with it.  Accept it. As it is.

Let go of your investment in changing or fixing it. Let go of  your judgment, your opinions. Breathe deeply and observe it.

What do you feel?

If you say nothing, fear not. This takes practice.

Many experience a relief, a calm. A warm release of energy.

Revisit it with different things that pop up, that hang you up. When you truly accept, you truly practice self love.

Yours, Deb