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Can I book a Private Session with my spouse or family member?

Yes, but we recommended that you experience one for yourself first. It will give you the insights and clarity to know if this is the right path for healing your relationships.

What is “Everyday Enlightenment”?

Everyday Enlightenment is based on the concept that everyone already has all of the answers within. What makes this work so appealing is its simplicity and accessibility.

If enlightenment is so simple, why isn’t everybody enlightened?

We are. It just requires a perceptual shift to recognize that who you are is much deeper than your thoughts, feelings or experiences.

I’m new to this stuff. Should I prepare in any way for my private session or other event?

No. Trust that your interest is all the invitation needed.

“Powerful healing work that is simple, direct and loving.”


The Answers Are Closer Than You Think

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