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“Our focus remains on sharing fun and simple tools to support our clients in living the lives they truly want.” – Deborah Steddom

Simply Enlightened is dedicated to sharing wisdom that can transform your life. Founders Deborah Steddom and Dr. Kim Perry began the institute to teach simple, down-to-earth techniques for achieving Everyday Enlightenment through presentations, workshops, online classes and individual or group sessions. Simply Enlightened also curates a guest page, highlighting other respected teachers and healers.

Meet the Founders

Deborah Steddom

Trained from an early age as an intuitive healer, Deborah has spent a lifetime exploring different modalities of personal growth and spiritual development. She provides a refreshing, down-to-earth approach to self-empowerment which she has shared as a teacher, inspirational speaker and healer since 1980.

Deborah works directly with clients and personally selects other innovative teachers and healers to share powerful techniques for transformation.

Dr. Kimberly Perry

Artist, surfer, wanderer, healer, teacher.

Since Kim was a child she has been drawn to healing, teaching, and learning. Kim’s education includes a Doctorate in Education, with a focus on Health, a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion, and Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Education. She has worked as a non-profit leader for the last 10 years and has 15 years of experience in higher education including roles as Professor and Dean. Her teaching style is collaborative and fun. Kim lives full time in an RV and loves to travel, surf and create art.

Through Simply Enlightened, Kim teaches whole body wellness techniques and instructs clients on breaking free from career and lifestyle stagnation. Her offerings include workshops, podcasts, and retreats.


“Deb has a wonderful way of putting you at ease just by being herself. We began to talk freely and I started to feel ease and clarity creep in.  By the end of our time together I found that my fears were no longer in charge. The relief and freedom I felt was amazing!”


“Powerful healing work that is simple, direct and loving.”


“This work has really helped my relationship with my daughter.”


“Thanks for teaching me that my empathic feelings weren’t working for me. I am learning tools that help me let go of how others are feeling so I can get in touch with my own. Life has gotten easier! I am able to be in crowds of people now, and my relationship with my husband is getting so much better.”


“Deb has truly been a bright light for me. She has helped me to step into my true self.”


“Deb makes it simple to profoundly change judgment and ego by understanding perspective and learning acceptance. Truly life changing!”


“Deb helped me get past blockages and choose to allow myself to live the highest possible life- to choose self-love.”


“My work with Deb completely shifted my mindset. It has given me a new group of skills to handle different, difficult situations. I would highly recommend Deb and her classes and one on one sessions.”


“Amazing work! Personally, I have broken down so many blocks and old pain that I was carrying around since childhood. Since working with Deb, I’ve experienced inner peace, confidence in myself and in my words. I always explain Deb as a spiritual wizard.”


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