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Simply Enlightened was founded by Deborah Steddom. She believes that higher wisdom and inner peace is accessible to anyone by using down-to-earth techniques. At Simply Enlightened, Deb wants to equip you for this profound yet simple journey.

“Our focus remains on sharing fun and simple tools to support our clients in living the lives they truly want.”

– Deborah Steddom

Ready to bring joy to your relationships and trust your inner wisdom? We’re here to support your growth toward Everyday Enlightenment.

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“My work with Deb completely shifted my mindset. It has given me a new group of skills to handle different, difficult situations. I would highly recommend Deb and her classes and one on one sessions.”


“Deb helped me get past blockages and choose to allow myself to live the highest possible life- to choose self-love.”


“Thanks for teaching me that my empathic feelings weren’t working for me. I am learning tools that help me let go of how others are feeling so I can get in touch with my own. Life has gotten easier! I am able to be in crowds of people now, and my relationship with my husband is getting so much better.”

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