We have been here too long. Stepping away from the 5th wheel and looking back provides a view of evil black mildew and mold slowly taking over the entire form of the RV, accompanied by some sort of enterprising green slime. My home is slowly disappearing into the stupor of a typical Southern summer, yet another victim of sweet tea and rampant humidity. God, do I miss my Colorado climate right about now.

I will fight back, of course. Armed with the large economy sized Simple Green infused with my special, secret ingredients, I don my sweatband, temporarily clean dark glasses and “can do” attitude.That awning is in the way…I can’t remember how to get it down, so I tune into youtube. Hmmm, yes….. Hmmmm…GOT it. So I go outside and flip this, twist that and the magic happens. I turn up my tunes and sing off key with total enthusiasm as I use a rag to wash off the layers. Only one winter, and we are becoming more permanent. Our roots find us.