A Lesson in Everyday Enlightenment

We are well-schooled in making things happen; this is how we are taught from infancy. So often when we let go of an agenda or outcome, we fill the space as rapidly as possible with another action. These automatic actions spring from fear, starting yet another round of suffering.

In the breath between surrender and action there is infinite space.

Practice resting in not-knowing. This will be uncomfortable. It demands that you deepen your level of self trust. The wisdom of the heart is a quiet voice, and can only be fully heard in silence.

As you learn to rest in the silence of your true self, don’t let fear move you from this sacred space. Stop and be rejuvenated here. Silence is a wellspring of peace and true healing. Slow down enough to immerse yourself in this exquisite quiet.

Feel your radiance, knowing that you are enough.

You will come to fully appreciate the immensity of who you really are when you stop asking yourself so many questions. Silence is not empty. It is full of answers.