A Lesson in Everyday Enlightenment

When something uncomfortable arises, your first response may be to move or change as quickly as possible, temporarily restoring a fragile hold on peace. Listen instead to the wisdom of your heart. Be patient with discomfort.

When you are coming from the ego, old ways of being will not allow you to go deeper into the moment. Fear creates the cycle once again. Choose not to indulge old patterns. Be fully present enough to deepen your understanding of your lesson.

Be the detached observer.

This conscious state is where the purpose of the lesson is revealed.

The heart is your Higher Intelligence. It connects you to God and the universe and integrates your own unique center of experience, awareness and character with that which is beyond your comprehension. Every time you focus on your inner wisdom, self-limiting structures fall away and cease to define who you are.

Dropping into the wisdom of your heart allows you to stop taking old dramas personally. The resulting stillness opens up the gift of a deeper truth. The dance of consciousness is the balance between recognizing that interpersonal dynamics are illusions, while completely bowing to the lessons they present.

Envision yourself living your dreams as much as possible. As Rumi said, “That which you seek is also seeking you.”

Try It

Identify an old pattern or dynamic that you struggle to move past. Journal about an experience when you saw one of these patterns emerge for a few minutes, then begin your meditation.

Now, let the feelings you encountered evaporate. Practice dropping into your heart space, detaching, and truly listening. Deepen your understanding.

Please do this practice daily for this week and observe the change in your feelings.

One of the biggest challenges you will face in this process is the very human tendency to name and define this deepening relationship to your True Nature. In the instant of definition, the experience becomes limited, and another structure is created.

Explore your very definition of self. Then when you meditate, let go of this definition and ask to simply be present.