I bring as much peace to everything as I possibly can. I have found this political rage so distressing that I held back, my silence taken as agreement. Both sides snapping relentlessly at each other’s flanks, looking to draw blood with righteousness and opinion. I have fought enough battles to understand the cost. So I turned inward, focusing intently, convinced I was generating some sort of calm. Then it happened. That one event that I couldn’t turn away from and the floodgates opened. All beliefs and opinions tumbled about, tightly wound around the misinformation of emotions held too long in check.

This conflict has been relentlessly volleyed back and forth between my heart and my desire to keep the peace for some time now. To reach beyond this rift. The dance of honesty without rage and connection beyond argument has eluded me until just now. Balance is present when I simply let go of being right. My hard won, deeply held convictions are perfect. As are yours. Different lessons to be learned. To be embraced.