I bring as much peace to everything as I possibly can. I have found this political rage so distressing that I held back, my silence taken as agreement. Both sides snapping relentlessly at each other’s flanks, looking to draw blood with righteousness and opinion. I have fought enough battles to understand the cost. So I turned inward, focusing intently, convinced I was generating some sort of calm. Then it happened. That one event that I couldn’t turn away from and the floodgates opened. All beliefs and opinions tumbled about, tightly wound around the misinformation of emotions held too long in check. [...]



We have been here too long. Stepping away from the 5th wheel and looking back provides a view of evil black mildew and mold slowly taking over the entire form of the RV, accompanied by some sort of enterprising green slime. My home is slowly disappearing into the stupor of a typical Southern summer, yet another victim of sweet tea and rampant humidity. God, do I miss my Colorado climate right about now. I will fight back, of course. Armed with the large economy sized Simple Green infused with my special, secret ingredients, I don my sweatband, temporarily clean dark glasses [...]

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Patience in Discomfort

A Lesson in Everyday Enlightenment When something uncomfortable arises, your first response may be to move or change as quickly as possible, temporarily restoring a fragile hold on peace. Listen instead to the wisdom of your heart. Be patient with discomfort. When you are coming from the ego, old ways of being will not allow you to go deeper into the moment. Fear creates the cycle once again. Choose not to indulge old patterns. Be fully present enough to deepen your understanding of your lesson. Be the detached observer. This conscious state is where the purpose of the lesson is revealed. [...]

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Silence Isn’t Empty

A Lesson in Everyday Enlightenment We are well-schooled in making things happen; this is how we are taught from infancy. So often when we let go of an agenda or outcome, we fill the space as rapidly as possible with another action. These automatic actions spring from fear, starting yet another round of suffering. In the breath between surrender and action there is infinite space. Practice resting in not-knowing. This will be uncomfortable. It demands that you deepen your level of self trust. The wisdom of the heart is a quiet voice, and can only be fully heard in silence. As [...]

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One for the Road

A Cyclist’s Love Story I found great freedom on two wheels over the years. I wasn’t ready to listen. The surgeon was patiently explaining how the disc replacement in my neck would work and what the resulting limitations were likely to be. No more road biking was a very real possibility. I came to the sport later than most. My husband was an avid enthusiast. A professional mechanic and weekend racer, he built a wonderful Raleigh touring bike for me, hoping we would be able to enjoy casual rides around town. Something magical happened on that first ride, though. A sense [...]

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